Grabbing space this week: Okkervil River, Scribe Media, Now Hiring! in Notion, The Power User Trap, Kevin Kelly, Wired Magazine, Premium Rush, Paul Steely White, and Superpedestrian Scooters.
This edition is packed with love. And one quick bobcat attack.
Plus, Makeup Stacks, Teardrop Trailers, Rhinegeist Truth, Emoji Mania, & Hobo Baths
Plus, Serendipity Strikes Again, The Perfect Button, Adidas meets LEGO, Two Bibles, and a Single (GIS) Ask.
Plus, Sweet Dance Moves, Seed Stage Decks, Choosing the Right Words, Whip Cracking Good Times, a Choir of Ex-Girlfriends, and the Airship Map Landed!
I’m happy and in love with the world today. I credit this mood with the 20+ conversations I had with founders this week.
Habits. We all have them. Good ones and bad ones. This week's edition of Chirps is dedicated to them.
I decided to write a book on April 28, 2020. That was 322 days ago. I've been writing my whole life, but writing a book is a completely different thing…
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Chirps, by Lynsie Campbell